Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookie Club

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What Makes Cookie Club Irresistible?

Receive three dozen Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies four times per year.

One Dozen to Eat, One Dozen to Share, and One Dozen to Hide !

The one to eat and one to share will be a flavor that we want you to try. The one to hide will always be our Original flavor. Keep your taste buds guessing and satisfied. Enjoy special offers throughout the year, premier access to new flavors, and more.

Great for gifting, perfect for eating, and easy to sign up! 

Sweet Savings

Save on every Cookie Club shipment of three dozen cookies four times per year.

Sneak Peaks

Receive first taste of new flavors before they are released to the public. 

Shipping is Free!

Club Members receive free shipping on every Cookie Club shipment.

Here’s How It Works

Every three months, members receive three dozen cookies delivered straight to their door. The flavors in each shipment are curated in advance and communicated to members through our quarterly Cookie Club Newsletter. Members enjoy exclusive early access to new flavors before they are available to the public, save on each shipment, and access to special discounts throughout the year. 

Once purchased, recipients will be charged quarterly for each shipment. It’s that simple! Three dozen cookies; one dozen to eat, one dozen to share, and one dozen to hide for later. 



Cookie Club FAQ’s

When do Cookie Club orders ship?

Cookie Club orders are shipped four times per year, every 3 months.

All our cookies are made by hand and packaged to deliver! This means that shipping times may vary within the allotted month. Members are notified before their order is prepared.


Can I change my shipment date?

Cookie Club ships orders during the allotted shipment month and we cannot anticipate the exact day all orders will be shipped. 

Recipients can contact and our customer advocates would be happy to help.


What flavors will I be receiving?

Recipients will receive an email before the shipment month with the upcoming flavors. 


Can I change the flavors in my shipment?

Cookie Club is the perfect gifting opportunity. Recipients can add-on additional flavors to our preselected shipments. Sharing cookies with friends and family is a great way to explore new flavors. You’ll be surprised how our brown butter method enhances all flavors!

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